The Gamma's Reluctant Mate -The Wolves Of Winter Valley Bk 3


K.K. Heuser Fantasy

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Trigger Warning! This story contains scenes depicting physical abuse.

For more than ten years, Gamma Adam Keller wore the label ladies’ man with pride. He snubbed the idea of a destined mate as archaic and relished in his ability to talk any woman he chose into bed. That is until his friends started finding their mates and he saw just how much more satisfying it could be waking up in his own bed every morning with the woman he loved in his arms. Suddenly, being the charming, bed-hopping bachelor wasn’t so appealing.
When Adam finally finds his mate, he finds much more than he bargained for.
Megan Clay is human and nothing like the women he usually chooses. She’s overweight, pierced, tattooed, and wears a thick layer of attitude like a shield. Adam’s famous devastating-to-the-females-of-any-species smile, and smooth-as-silk charm has no effect on her. Or none that she allows him to see. Winning her heart without the aid of the mate pull could be a whole lot more difficult than Adam anticipated.
Life taught Megan the limit of her value to others. So, when gorgeous Adam Keller turns his attention on her, she’s instantly suspicious and does her best to keep him at a distance. Still, she’s inexplicably drawn to him and soon finds herself desperate to believe that he’s not like those men in her past who used her for their entertainment. Will she find the courage to take a chance with Adam or will she allow her fears and her past to keep them apart?


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There were few things more tedious than standing in a wooden box forty feet up in a tree watching for potential trespassers. I loathed the idleness of it, but I had asked for it. Anything to get away from Adam so I could get my head back on straight. It……