He's So Heavy


J.D. Walker LGBT+

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"Bill Cascade knows what it’s like to have nothing, so it’s easy for him to recognize another human being on the brink. When Bill visits his favorite bar one night, he comes across Thorn Blackstone, a enty-something hottie who has everyone eating out of his hand. A fight breaks out and Bill comes to the rescue. Thorn, however, doesn’t want Bill’s help and pushes him away, at first.

When Thorn finally shows up on Bill’s doorstep, he’s dirty, hostile, and starving. Bill ignores all of that and gives Thorn a chance to start over. Trouble is, Bill wants Thorn for his own, but thinks he isn’t good enough for someone with such a bright future ahead of him. Naturally, Thorn thinks that’s hogwash.

What’s a guy to do when the love of his life won’t take no for an answer? Hold on and never let go."


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Chapter 13

Of course, all day long, I fielded innocent and not-so-innocent questions about Thorn and whether we’d had a “fulfilling” evening. I sidestepped answering them, for the most part. Austin was the worst of the lot, not surprisingly. I just glowered at him until he went away.

When it was time to break for lunch, Thorn texted me to say he wa……