Dear Boss


Twyllie Romance

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The unfathomable love of a simple bodyguard to the Mafia’s daughter.

“She isn’t business, she’s personal.”

As the only daughter and the favorite child, Sienna Venditto is meant to have the world. She is to marry a rich senator’s son and never be associated with the Venditto family business. A threat on Sienna’s life has her overprotective father assign a bodyguard who will change her life forever.

War veteran, Matteo Alessi, has reached the lowest point of his life. Convicted of murder and days away from his life sentence, Matteo lost the purpose to live as he always thought himself a protector but sadly the world didn’t see him that way.

But then, there is Sienna’s world, the only world he’s come to realize that mattered.


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Chapter 30: il finale


Every pair of eyes in the Commission waited for a flicker of weakness in Sienna’s eyes but the head of the powerful Venditto crime family showed nothing but a cold calculating look of a woman who has conquered everyone. The predator-like charisma she embodies sent a clear message to everyone: this cou……