ThE bAd BoY aNd ThE bAd GiRl

S.Rose Teen fiction

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-BOOK 1-

Its not your typical bad boy or bad girl story. Its something bigger, its betrayal, heartbreak and secrets with force that ruined so many lives.

They all were best friends, but each one of them took a different turn in high school.

Turning the bad boy broke her heart . Bulling his best friend in the process.

Her home or she couldn't name it as that anymore wasn't that different as well.

All ties were broken.

she couldn't take it and escaped from her life.

She fought to survive.

She walked through the dark side of the world, committing every sin possible and he couldn't stop but blame himself after he saw the beast that he created, the beast that he forced her to be.

After many years with many different and hard experiences she returned but was she really though the same person who left or is she someone else now?

Also, did the school and her house stayed the same or anything might have changed?

Join them in their journey, along their broken and hatred hearts.


Tags: ActionMurderRevengeGangFamilyHighschoolBadboyBadgirlDramaTragedy
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We were now at our lunch table in school each one of us has his food in front of him but none of us touched it.

None of us talked or tried to start a conversation.

We were in deep understandable silent. None of us bothered by it.

"She brought bad luck to you guys when she came back with her little two followers." Sandra came ou……