Theirs To Become

Shantae Red Paranormal

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May 20th. First chapter releases

"So, I finally I get to meet Kain's bastard." He said to me.

Ayden, Adonis and I stood, glaring at the vampire before us. I heard of him and ever since then, I wanted that b***h dead. Adonis smirked before he turned to me.

"Uncle Kain was right." Adonis said.
"Indeed he was." I said.
"And what did that b***h say?" He asked him.

As I stared at every fucking vampire that surrounded the three of us, a smirk was plastered on my face.

"Doesn't matter." I told him. "I just want to say thank you."

The vampire glared at me for second. He held his hand up at his fellow members.

"For what?" He asked me.

I smiled at him, my eyes flashing a bright red color.

"For finishing what my father didn't years ago... And that was finishing you off."


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