Lily Pierce Vampire/Werewolf

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Sloane Vanderbilt is the Alpha's second-born. She has been the perfect soldier of the pack. She's lived her entire life walking in the shadow of her older brother and her father. Sloane has always done as she is told and never asked for anything in return. After a few altercations with her father, she finally decides to leave her pack.
As she finds her place in the world, Sloane meets Alexian Victor, one of the most vicious Rogues and Mafia Dons in the world. As they get to know each other Sloane realizes that she has to deal with a past she thought she had left behind. Sloane and Alexian start to see that their destinies have been intertwined long before they actually met.


Tags: RevengeWerewolfAlphaDarkArrogantKickass HeroineMafiaGangsterBeastBxG
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    Dreams have a way of screwing with your head. Whether they are an expectation, a daydream, a nightmare, or something your subconscious conjured up in your sleep. I had this expectation of my life. After my older brother chose his mate over the family business, the burden was left to me. I hadn't wanted it and I never thought I'd b……