My Super Evil Power

Animist Paranormal

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When Alex moved to LA for a fresh start, he had no idea that he was in for the change of a lifetime. By chance Alex discovers that he is able to summon and speak to demons, at first, he is reluctant to make use of their abilities.
Alex soon discovers that taking advantage of the demons’ powers will earn him fame and fortune, he can rebuild his shattered life. Along the way, Alex faces many challenges; there would be those that needed genuine help and those that wanted help purely for greed or vanity.
If Alex found that he could not help, there was always the option of summoning another demon, right? Could he walk into Hell and find the demon for the job?


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Taylor laughed at Alex’s story, and they both relaxed a little more in each other's company. The two continued to talk and share stories, and the time passed quickly. Alex came to learn a lot about Taylor and the upbringing he had. Taylor had always been around people that used sex to get them what they wanted, Taylor understood that some people……