Storms of Fire (Sequel of Treacherous Court)

Girlonfire Fantasy

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Storms of Fire will be published on November 24, 2019.
The sequel of Treacherous Court

Elizabeth is torn between Prince Daemon, her betrothed, and Prince Jehaerys, the son of King Jeorne of Vendetta, who threatens to destroy the peace of the Kingdom of Nister.

She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with either of them. But, she did and she has to make a choice. Will she choose the Prince of Nister or the Prince of Vendetta?

Secrets will be unraveled
Betrayal everywhere, and anywhere.
And, Love will be the most powerful weapon.


Tags: RevengeDarkTeleportationPost-apocalypsePowerfulKingQueenHeirTragedyBxG
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Chapter 45 - Wicked Game

Wicked Game


At the state of trying to outwit a man you have never met is something I don’t know how to do. Especially when I haven’t really lived in the same home with him. But what other choices do we have? This is survival. We will do whatever it takes to beat Jeorne. It has been a week……