Devil vs Mermaid: War to be the God


Pakhi Das Fantasy

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*** Completed ***
Zene is one among the eight daughters of the Mermaid King Triton and the Angel Queen Angelia, who got the power of both kinds. She is the one who is destined to become the almighty God's protector and the powerful Queen of all kinds. But unfortunately, because of her sisters hate on her beauty, she had to keep her powers hidden in hope of getting loved by them one day.

On the other hand, hearing about his enemy's protector and the only obstacle of his way to become the almighty God himself, the Devil king Aaron sends his son to kill the future queen. Erlik was trained by his father, only for this mission since his early childhood. To fulfill his father's wish, he went to Zene's island to finish her, but mistakes her elder sister as the Queen and plans to kill her by hiding among them. While trying to complete his mission, he slowly falls in love with his enemy whom he was there to kill.

Now what will happen when he finds out who the real queen is? Will he be able to complete his mission by killing his love or will he stand against his father to save her? What will happen when the destined war takes place with a threat of her whole kingdoms wiping down? Will the devil succeed on his plans or will the powerful Queen rise to stop the war?

Come and join the great war between devil and Mermaid to get the throne of the almighty god...


Tags: royalty/noblemermaid/mermenbxgseriousboldnon-human leadspecial abilitykingdom buildingwarweak to strongRise From The Ashes:King from Nobody
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Author's note..

Thank you so much to all of my readers to give my book a chance. I appreciate all of your supports. English is not my first language, so I know there is a lot of grammar, verb, and tense mistakes. Please compromise for me now, and I promise that I will try my best to fix these mistakes. But over all, I hope you liked my story.

For those w……


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