INSIDE OF ME (Into The Darkness Series Book 2)

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He is Athan Danilov. The Army Commander of the Mystical Vampires. He is hot-tempered, ensitive and with a very dry sense of humor. He fears no one. He vows no one. He was born to fight. He was born to conquer. Challenge him and he will raise hell without second thought.

He vowed to find and own Zatara, the only sword that can kill the gods and goddesses from the Heaven and the Underworld. But the mystical sword was secretly buried in the body of the only woman he dared to love.

Should he kill Alia Ilustrisimo Hidalgo, the young and beautiful heiress who chose to neglect her feminine nature in order to fulfil her duties as the alpha female of the Spirit Keepers? Or should he save her and forget his quest?

His heart will choose but his mind will decide…

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