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Steph Cash Romance

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When Lynda got kicked out of her house by a mother who didn't love her she had no idea what she was going to do. while wondering the streets of London she comes across a nice woman how is going to help Lynda chance her life. Ryan is a big shot CEO who doesn't like surprises but how will Ryan react when he finds a stranger in his house. Ryan enjoying single life and likes to keep it that way is being focused to get married by his grandad in the next three months or he loses the family company. Ryan has to quickly get a fiancée but needs someone who is desperate and he can control then he thinks of Lynda and knows she can't say no because she needs the money, with no option of saying no Lynda agrees but with one DEMAND that Ryan has to be faithful to her, Can he do you? Can Lynda resist him? What will happen to both of them in the year of their marriage?


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Chapter Forty-Seven





(Ryan’s point of view – back to the present)


I could not believe what my grandmother told me, I understand that my mother was close to her friend but I never thought that she would promise me to someone before I was even born. I look down at my daughter and I could……