Affair on the Beach

Kate Evangelista Romance

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Tamara Winters prefers fictional men to real men. She devours romance novels like she breathes air. When she is dragged by her best friend to Maverick Bay to help out at the Shore Shack during the Maverick Invitational, Tamara plans to use her free time reading. This is until she meets Xavier Solomon, heir to Solomon Fisheries and a surfing god. Maybe real men are worth checking out after all, especially the walking specimen that is Xavier Solomon. The desire he awakens in her is something her romance novels cannot duplicate. He worships her curves and shows her that real life is leagues better than any book. As Tamara begins to develop feelings for Xavier, she finds out that he is a merman who manipulated her best friend into bringing Tamara to Maverick Bay. Confused yet already trapped within the net Xavier cast, Tamara finds herself deciding between the fantasy within the pages or the fantasy of real life.


Tags: ParanormalAlphaCampusSexOpposites AttractGoodgirlBeast
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Chapter 15

            In the three days that passed since Zander kidnapped me, I got good at avoiding Xavier. I woke up in the morning, had breakfast, locked myself in my room with a book, worked my shift at the Shack, returned to my room and started another book. Every time Xavier tried to talk to me, I dropped my gaze and kept moving. I couldn’t face hi……