Rock my World


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Fresh out of college, Athena is determined to set herself on the right path. She'll do anything to accomplish her goals and push her painful past away. Her path changes when she gets the job of a lifetime. Her job? To go on tour with a band led by the hot rock star Axel. Axel is definitely a bump in her road. Will Athena make it through or will she be too afraid to have her world rocked?

I'm terrible at summarizing so don't judge a book by it's description? :)


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Chapter 17

I decide to put a pin in what Sam just said. Axel and I just started this relationship and I'm not letting Sam ruin it for us. I can't keep holding myself back from what I really want and Axel is what I want. Whatever Sam thinks I don't know will eventually come out whether from Axel himself or someone else. That's the thing with secrets, they d……