My lovely and devilish lady

Alex González Romance

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Emeraude has known Prince Henry almost since she has a conscience. And has loved him almost the same time, even if she wasn't aware of those feelings.
As a daughter of one of the most powerful families in their kingdom, and due to their close friendship, everyone almost knew that they would end up together...
And then, everything went downhill.
When his royal highness starts to develop feelings toward a new girl, Emeraude has to learn to let go and wish for his happiness.
With a kingdom pleading for Emeraude as their princess and a crown prince willing to take someone else as his wife, the palace will have to host a long time forgotten tradition: Faelicitie.
A contest beeen the kingdom´s best daughters, who´ll fight for the position as the crown princess. Will Emeraude be able to win the throne and Prince Henry's heart? or she´ll end up with a broken heart and a family in disgrace?.


Tags: arranged marriagekickass heroineprincessroyalty/nobleheir/heiresssweetroyalanother worldchildhood crushWriting Academy
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