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For thousands of years, the Humans and Supernaturals, separated but lived peacefully. But a dark force who goes by the name Ashier, brought evil all over the land. These evil does not have a specific appearance or gender. They manifest as your worst nightmare and hunt you. The civilians call them Demons.
For decades, Demons have been the top of the food chain, spilling countless of the innocent blood of both Humans and Supernaturals alike.
All of these came to a halt when o childhood friends from both sides made an accidental pact when they encountered a Demon. They realized the Human could extract power from the Supernatural and the Supernatural have more power when initiating skin-ship with the Human. They fought with bravery and in for the first time in all history, someone killed a Demon. Hence the Soul Pact was made.
There is no going back if one made a Soul Pact. It's a pact tied to your soul and if one is hurt, the other is too. If one feels anything, the other will too. If one dies, the others will follow.
The Soul Pact is the strongest when the compatibility beeen both parties is high.
With this newfound power, the pair of newly formed Soul Partners touch other this and with this, the Demon started to become less and less.
There are still a lot of Demons left in the world but Soul Partners are growing day by day.
Raven, an 18 years old girl who lives in the mountain comes down to be a Soul Slayer. But mysteries shrouded the girl as never has anyone see anyone come down from the mountain left alone someone who claims to want to be a Soul Slayer.


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