Alpha's Bad Girl

AYLA Vampire/Werewolf

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Alexandra is a great description of a bad girl. She can kill a person and don't feel anything. But how she became that girl?? How she lost her hope for the better world and became the emotionless killer?? There is a heavy past behind all of that. She is the rogue that goes to the different packs territory and attack everyone. But what happens if one of the attacked packs Alpha is her mate. Would she trust him or ignore him and continue to kill everyone. Would she open up to him??


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Chapter 49

3 months later

Alexandra's POV:

"NATHAN!!" I screamed as I felt my water broke. He run to me and saw that too. He quickly grabbed me and began to carry me by my waist.

"Bethany!!" Nathan called my doctor. I growled in pain. Soon we entered the hospital room and everything after that was blurry. I slowly opened my eyes and saw N……