Dare You to Love Me

Van Der Waag * Romance

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The first time they met, they had a one night stand, the next morning, she heard that he would get married today, so she gave him several bills as a wedding gift and left without delay.
But she never predicted that they would be involved in a murder when their second encounter.

She is a therapist and he is the CEO of a diamond company.
She is intelligent, independent and loves sports. He is rich, cold-hearted.
What he cares only her!


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Jay stood there motionlessly, allowing Lilith to hold him behind, his hands hanging down. Gradually he clenched his hands into fists.

His shirt was wetted by Lilith's tears. She tightened her arms as if she was trying to keep him with her life.

"Jay, don't leave me alone please. Promise me you won't leave me," begged Lilit……