Elementals (Book 2)

bonnie hoffman Fantasy

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Healing from the almost deadly wounds, Z makes amends, slowly. The entire group he had grown up with forgive him, and try adn move on, getting blocked every which way they go when they try adn meet up with what is left of thier family on another island.

Getting back to a routine, Emmy and the others find comfort in the planning of retaking their country, and helping other, younger, Elementals that are being taken to Vatrus to serve the rising Empire. Too bad it seems no one wants to listen to the 'kids' that escaped and had some information that the adults on the secluded island didn't know.

Both groups still trying to get together, failing, and yet still training, unitl the finally reunite, like they had planned weeks ago.


Tags: MurderRevengeKarma/DestinyFriends to LoversGoodgirlPowerfulSuperheroTragedyGirlpowerContestBxG
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