Sylvia Adely Fantasy

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From today henceforth, you will be my flowergirl,"
He said leaning in to kiss me.

Freya Salt was living her best teenage life. She was popular in school and she had the most handsome boyfriend in school, Brian Townsend.

However, her life changed overnight when her mother took her to the forest in the middle of the night on her 18th birthday.

She was captured and taken by Alpha Rowland who falls in love with her beauty. He takes her as her flowergirl and plans to be good to her but he can't fight his true identity. He is used to abusing she wolf's and Freya will be one of them.


Will Freya be free again? Will Freya ever reunite with Brian? Who will stop Alpha Rowland from abusing she wolves? Will life get back to normal for Freya?
Read to find out.


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