MAGISCH ACADEMY: The Heartless Princess

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Akisha Raven Scott a heartless woman who found herself entering a school that she didn't know that actually exist.She already lose hope that there's still someone who will love her no matter how dark her life and evil she is but destiny keeps on pestering her shitty life. A group of people will come to her life. Those people loves her no matter who she is and want to be part of her life but she will not let that happen. She will not let in anyone into her life again because the last time she did that she lose herself and she won't let that happen again. She already tried everything to push them away but those people is hard headed they won't stop until they got what they want. Well what can she expect? They're royalties they will not accept no. She decided to let them have their ways but one thing is for sure they can never break her walls. They can't change her. Not even that man who makes her feel the emotions she never had before.

Ash Zachary Lockwood a prince who is emotionless and have heart like a stone. The first time he meet akisha he already felt that she is a bad news. He feels different everytime she is near and he doesn't like that. He will kill her no matter what it takes. He will not let anyone change him. He want to kill her but everytime he see her with a man all he thinks is how to kill that bastard and hide her from every mens eyes.

What if the two persons with almost same personalities collide? What if they both hate each other guts? Will they end up killing each other or will they start to love each other?


Tags: ActionCampusDarkPossessiveKarma/DestinyBadgirlRoyaltyK-popTwistedBxG
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