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The Love Of My Life

Subhask Romance

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“what are you doing Mr professor?” She is stuttering.

“I know what I'm doing miss khanna.” He smirked to her and took hold of her hands placed above her head.

“I said leave me” She is struggling from his tight grip.

“I won't leave you what will you do miss.” He answered to her.

“I will complaint to principal” She answered and with that he came close to her he crashed her lips with his.

She is shocked for the movement stood like statue in that place for that movement she shivered with his touch which affected her so much.

“What will you do Miss khann?” He went from there with smirk playing in his lips.

“I hate to you professor” She screamed.

She is naina kapoor beautiful, bubbly,cute, intelligent ambitious,lovely person and she loves her parents and her sister meera, she wants to become successful in her career but one decision of her parents,her life changed.Arranged marriage selected from her parents and he is her sister husband's brother.Let's see what happens to her life?

He is shourya khanna handsome, intelligent,caring person, arrogant and mostly he loves his family so much and he is CEO of khanna industries.He has brother loves him so much and his sister in law also loved him like his own brother and she wants to get married to her sister.She thinks he is perfect for her.

Will shourya supports with her dream or not? to know what happens in their life start reading my book.


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