The Prince Of Mermaids

annieexo_ Fantasy

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They say that his mother was a siren.
& that he is the heir of Poseidon.
And there's two important things, that he cannot be killed and kills any human that discovers his kingdom.
He is, the prince of the mermaids.
And the fairy tales lied, mermaids aren't friendly at all.

Will his human mate Carly fall for this dangerous Merman and give up her humanity? Or will the Prince meet his match and his doom?


Tags: Opposites AttractPrinceRoyaltymermaidDramaTragedyFantasy-Romance ContestBxG
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✧Chapter 20✧


“Um, are you sure we are going the right way?” Lena asks Brett the following morning during our “hike”.

“Yeah we should, you know, you shouldn’t underestimate me.” Brett tells Lena while giving her a smile.

Lena rolls her eyes then groans.

“I don’t know how you humans don’t complain about your legs.” Lena in……