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"Irene, please let me go, I cant take this anymore" I whispered sadly.

"Can't take what?" She asked while leaning agat her desk.

"You have hated me ever since you came from another country, you only look at me with disgust and anger, you t*****e me with Lady Amber. Please it's enough, you forgot your promise, you forgot me" I cried.

"What promise?" She asked seriously.

"You promised to marry me, I missed you when mother past away, I was so lonely then, I only felt better when I secretly slept in your room. I felt safe there and I stupidly convinced myself that it would be okay to wait for you, even though I told myself it was wrong I couldn't help the feelings I felt for you, just being with you would be enough and so I thought, but you came with that thing called Amber, you chose her over me and broke your promise!" I yelled.

"Stay" she whispered softly then stood up and approached me, then stood in front of me.

"Listen and listen well Lilly, you are mine and mine alone" she spat angrily then kissed me forcefully as I kissed her back.


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32. Epilogue

                     Amanda's p.o.v

I was about to move and kiss her when two limousines came parking in ahead of us.

I fixed my dress and smiled when the door opened and the driver came out. He quickly went to the door and opened it.