Her tears don’t fall (Sandman pt 2) -completed


Emma Louise Suspense/Thriller

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When Ashleigh first meets Phoenix she is taken back by him and unaware the real reason he is perusing her and it’s not just for his own personal needs but bigger.

“Phoenix tied Ashleigh’s wrists together. ‘Pull her up.’

They pulled her up tying the rope to a pipe. Her feet hanging inches from the floor.

‘Well what’s it going to be?’
Phoenix looked at her. ‘Wrong answer.’ He pulled out the knife.’
‘Don’t Phe.’
‘Why ever not?’
‘You’re not your father.’
‘No, I’m worse.’ He looked at Ashleigh. ‘What do you say Ash? Are you in?’
He raised the knife.
‘No Phe she’s been through enough.’
‘She hasn’t been through enough.’
‘Don’t Phe.’

He ignored Kieran’s plea. Looking at Ashleigh. ‘Maybe this will change your mind.’

He slashed her body, she screamed, yet no tears she shed. ‘Go out the room guys.’
‘NOW! Go to Kelley Kieran.’

Kieran looked at Ashleigh helplessly as her left the room closing the door behind them.

Phoenix slipped the knife into his pocket. He placed his hands on her face. ‘I love you you know.’

She hung shaking.

‘Aren’t you going to say you love me too?’
‘I love you.’”


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