Mr. Boss

J.A Hajirah Romance

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The rule was clear. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. Two hearts playing games that would eventually hurt each other. However, losing and hurting will always be nature in a game. But will they ever learn that?

"Love was never my option", he said.

"I loved, love and will always love you.", she said.

Now fate tried its gamble on them. Cupid with its bow ready to shoot. Will they find their way with each other or will they fail to acknowledge the meaning of their life.


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Althea Rose Collin

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Her steps were as heavy as her heart. She sighed again taking the slowest pace she could to reach 'the hideout'. It was never like her to be delaying to meet her favourite person by now she should be speeding with her bike but her legs felt heavy as she abandoned her bikes and decided to walk t……