My Dragon Mate

Blue Fantasy

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In the year 4066, humans were not the only existing species anymore and knowledge was not limited to the likes of earth but to the whole infinite universe.

Science and magic coexisted in the form of force that dominated the world. Roughly divided into four races, first were the orcs with incredible strength and tough bodies, second to them came the Zerg, ever so organised race. Next were the intelligent human, and last but not the least ; the sea clan.


Maryanne Rogers - A top science Student found herself in the worst situation when her fiancè betrayed her while on an interplanetary trip. Her hopes for future were crushed under the heavy weight of crimes listed before her name.

While she was determined to get out of prison a certain Warden took special interest in her. Maryanne was curious about him but more cautious, but did he want to keep his distance? Not really.

In the years of science and magic, good and evil prevailed like an imbalanced equation. Will Maryanne be able to solve it? Or will she lose everything she has on the way?

[extended prologue inside]

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