The Prince's Secret

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Have you ever been in-love? How does loving someone supposed to feel? Isn’t love supposed to make a couple happy? In a time where peace and co-existence of humans and vampires is already established, why a love between these races is still difficult, if not, impossible?

Cloud is a teacher in La Anjou Famille Academy, a private school where teenagers from the human and vampire race co-exist. As a teacher, he appears to be strict but is still very charismatic. He is cunning, or maybe manipulative? He is popular with the females but he prefers to mingle with the students. What is he up to? Is there any reason for this preference?

Henri is a pure-blood noble vampire and one of Cloud’s students. He seems to have some special privilege based on how Cloud is treating him. Like a young master, he usually acts just the way he wants. He sometimes show some bratty attitude but he can remain calm and take control of any situation…usually through his intimidating aura. Despite being a part of the few noble vampires in the country, he doesn’t appear in any media coverage. No information is available about him that makes him more mysterious.

Sayaka is a student who is reserved and elegant, a young lady from a renowned family in the country. She has been a student of Cloud and a classmate of Henri since middle school. She seems to have a knowledge of the relationship of the two and she’s one of the few humans who is close to both.

Sayaka is undeniably special in the alluring eyes of the two vampires. She is constantly being watched, guarded and tempted. How would Sayaka respond to the affection from these adored vampires?


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Episode XII

An hour before midnight, September 12, 20 A.P.W.

A black limousine car arrived at La Anjou Famille Academy, it stopped at the entrance of the main school building.

“Have a safe trip Lady Tachibana.” a female school administration assistant bowed to Sayaka as she entered the car.

“Thank you Cécile.”

“Konbanwa Ojou-sama.” t……