The Girl He Noticed Rashly

Shreya Silky Romance

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He noticed how innocent and naive she looks. Her wavy hair, dark brown eyes, her beautiful body, her graceful smile. She is made for him.

"Do you love him?" he asked her while gritting his teeth.

"Yes, I love him a lot." she lied.

"Then he is going to die, my love." he said while grinning.


A cold, merciless mafia leader and a successful businessman who got everything in inheritance.
Everyone knows how cruel and ruthless he is.

At the age of 25, Daniel sparked fear in people's heart and he loved it.

He never gives interview but still he appears on front page of magazines.

Every women wants him but all he wanted was his obsession, his Trisha.


A naive, cheerful, kind-hearted girl who belongs to India. A girl who always believed in peace instead of hurting anyone.

She is only child of her mother. She always loved her mother more than anything. Her father died when she was just 7 y/o.

She got her scholarship and she was moving to Texas without even knowing how her life is going to change in a blink.


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