Shadows (Book Two of the Royals Trilogy)

Katherine Sanchez Vampire/Werewolf

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Skylar and Blair are both on a mission; to find the Royale brothers and put an end to them, but Skylar also wants to save her sister, who was taken by Devion, the eldest of the three Royale brothers. Now that she is a huntress, she has the skills to find them and the camp leader assigns the mission to Skylar and Blair, although Elda seems to have an agenda of her own...

Meanwhile, Ethan is losing himself and it's just a matter of time before the beast inside consumes him and his end catches up to him. Could seeing his beloved suppress the monster inside of him? Will Blair and Skylar succeed? And what about Elda, what is she planning? And what is her role in the surging battle with the supernatural?



Tags: EspionageVampireLove-triangleKarma/DestinyOpposites AttractInternal JourneyKickass HeroineWitchRoyaltyDrama
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The plane landed gracefully on the ground but even though we were glad to be home, everyone was on edge for what was to come. Hunter Liam was the one who looked worse, he hadn’t been back to his former home in years and he still wasn’t welcome. Blair was by his side, she placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him with en……