The Perks of Having the Perv Boss

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I feel like everything that is ide my body is burning. I am officially going ane. I wanted him to get away from me but my body and mind is betraying me. His arms slowly wraps around my waist and he gently pulled me closer. My chest was being pushed because of his built body. The more he gets closer, the deeper the kiss gets. My hands weren’t able to move, they are just on the side of my body. He slowly pulled out of the kiss and starts to trailed kisses on my cheeks and down to my neck. “Stop. Get away from me.” I said in a weak and soft tone of voice. I felt his lips form into a smile and said, “I can’t. You’re just too darn irresistible.” After he said those words, I felt his lips get back on mine as he started to give me the passionate kiss that we shared just a moment ago. I slowly felt his hands travelled towards my waist, when I felt his hand going up and towards to my sensitive part of my body, my eyes slowly opened. In my surprise, I felt his hand touching my breast. I didn’t know that I still have some power left in me that I pushed him away and immediately connected my fists towards his face.


A senior high school student as a worker and a college student who happens to be the boss. Both live differently, both have different attitudes, but will both have the same desire and love for each other?


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