My Boss And I

Athena Mancol Romance

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Marcelina is a fresh graduate who happened to be a so called "probinsiyana".
She was desperately looking for a job.

What will happen if she meet the ;'suplado' and cold hearted boss of her?

Will she go back to her province?
or just embrace the job offer by his pregnant Secretary?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveBossSecretaryAssistantHeirHarry StylesDramaComedy
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I don't believe in courtship. And I don't do courtship at all.

For me, loving someone will makes you weak..

People who are in love is like a glass that is easy to break..

Funny how people embraced it..

I don't believe in love..

Nang magkahiwalay ang parents ko. Say, five years old lang yat……