Shackled to the Crown

H. Latham Vampire/Werewolf

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*Sequel to The Beast Next Door*

Michael and Jemma finally tie the knot and start their new life as a pack. Things seem wonderful and just as they imagined they would be. They have a little rogue problem in the area, and the surrounding packs aren't really keen on their way of life, but they deal with it, content in their own little world.

One day they get a letter inviting all packs across the land to a ball at the palace.
Only problem is, it's for a ball at the Cairnes palace.
Even worse, it's mandatory.
The pack attends but are very careful to keep Michael as hidden as possible from the king (his grandfather).
Ultimately their plan fails as the king recognises him instantly and forces him to stay.
What happens next turns what they thought was their perfect life, into a living nightmare.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaArranged MarriagePowerfulPrinceRoyaltyLunaHeirDreameSeed2019
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Chapter 19

"It's pretty dangerous out there, Jem," Nick warned as he stood watching her pack with a firm expression. Jemma was packing a couple of spare clothes and a few snacks into a small bag. The bag had a snap clasp on it that was adjustable and she had Nick set it so they it fit around her wolf's neck perfectly. It stopped her having to carry clothes……