The Arranged Dilemma

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The story starts with Aarzoo our main protagonist leaving for America for her two years study of finance and there she meet a handsome guy Marc whom she falls head over heels in love and decides to spend her life with him. But marc because he is not able to fulfil his lust desires with our traditional heroine cheats on her and Aarzoo breakup with him. Aarzoo decides to start her new life by completing her studies and starts thinking of marriage in arranged way. In this process our another story starts of SHYAMA, the story goes in parallel and Shyama love story which was classic from the time of partition in India takes place.

Shyama is our beautiful grandmother of Aarzoo starts narrating her story in order to teach life lessons to Aarzoo, her grand daughter. When Shyama was young how falling in love with another caste was sinful and how their love was broken because of honor issues in India at the time of riots then our story moves forwards to Shyama’s new life in Aranged marriage where it is tough to adjust in new life.


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Dehradun, India 2015.

Today was the day when finally, it was supposed to happened. If it would have been in Shyama and Shekhar’s hands they would have decorated all of Dehradun, because it was their beautiful grand-daughter’s wedding happening.

Aarzoo was very close to her grandmother and today when Shyama look at her, she could rem……