Her bully - on going


Emma Louise Romance

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Tiana’s living hell beg when she turns fifteen and he enters Grantham Academy his Ora is what makes everyone fear him. Shaun Thomas a straight a student from all saints grammar school is suddenly shipped to Grantham Academy. He is angry and is taking our on those around him. It soon spreads around the school why he is there. He makes friends with Cameron Greyson the school bully they are both on par and with only one girl in his sight she become his new possession. Tiana Hollingway. Cameron knows her well and he can see the glint in Shaun’s eyes the one he’s had many times before as he set his sights on his new target his new pawn for he year. Tiana knew only to well what cameron was like she’d endured his bullying and her pain for the last three years now it was going to be taken by the new kid her new bully could she break him or would it be the other way round?


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Shxhol was finally over and everyone had gone to the end of school party which had been held in the largest  houses in the city, there was loads of food, goose and drugs everyone having fun either drunk, stoned or both Tiara didn’t really want to go but her mom had told her to enjoy her last time of seeing the propel she would leave behind ……