The absconded

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"Make me forget... all of this... please..." she pleaded.

My suit jacket was wet and the shirt underneath felt wet as well, it was nothing but her tears.

What is wrong with her?

Why isn't she alright?

Would she tell me if I ask her?

All these questions were running through my mind when I felt her shaking agat me.

"Are you sure muffin?" I asked her, I didn't want to make her feel used.

After this night I wanted to know her more, know why is she so vulnarable and make all those people regret who made her feel sad and alone.

She didn't say anything, she just nodded on my chest.

I hugged her for the last time as she wrapped her small arms around my torso and muffled her cries.

I pulled away and grabbed her chin and made her look in my eyes, her eyes were red by crying and she wasn't done crying yet, I wiped all the tears as her breathing became uneven.

The people around us that moment became the least important people, as we both were lost in each others eyes.


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