Who knew you'd taste so sweet: A vampire murder mystery

A.T. Land Vampire/Werewolf

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Eden kills killer vampires for a living but when she's forced to work with a vampire things don't go as planned.

Supernatural beings have been legal for twenty years now. And in the city of Gradyveil, the first vampire mayor has been elected. It seems as though supernatural crime is at an all-time high and a serial killer on the loose isn't making things any better.

Eden battles mentally and physically with her hate for vampires. Will it be a bloodsucker that can ease Eden's scorn for his kind? Or will Eden's hate be the bitter end of her?


Tags: Serial-killerVampireDarkOpposites AttractDominantKickass HeroinePowerfulBitchTwistedBxG
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If I was the murderer

The SIB's forensic team had invaded my privacy in more ways than one tonight. From examining the heart in the box on my kitchen counter to poking around in my bedroom for "clues". I was beginning to regret calling Edwards and his merry band of gumshoe buffoons.

"It's most likely the heart from our vampire vic, " David said as h……