Hidden Beneath the Surface

Libby Humphreys Fantasy

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When Roxanne runs into Ashton and Christian two brothers who will turn her world upside down.
Join Roxanne as she tries to unravel her past to save the present...
Let yourself be whisked away into the world of fantasy where nothing is really as it seems. With hidden rooms and family secrets will Roxanne loose sight of who she really is or will she become her true self.

This book has a multiple choice ending which means you choose how you want it to end. Before anyone judges this is just how prefer to write so that it gives you the readers the power of the book which I think is nicer than just making up my mind on how to end it. This contains strong language and mature themes please read at your own risk and I apologize in advance some people may get very offended its not what I try to do but my views on certain topics may be completely different to yours so sorry in advance


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