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"Don't you understand? I'm damned. I'm a demon. You're human. Our worlds will never align... not in this life." It was the cruel truth. I didn’t want him to give me hope that would only lead to a dead end.

Elijah was silent for a while. The flecks of green in his eyes floating around in a pool of hazel. And then softly, as if his focus and my attention were very fragile things, he brought his eyes back to me. "What if I sign away my soul to you?" He whispered the crude words gently.

I felt a thump in my chest. There was a way, if I could be selfish enough. I reached out and moved a lock of hair from his forehead, my fingers grazing the skin. He leaned into my touch, and closed his eyes almost painfully.

"You'd give up everything?"

The bed dipped under his weight, as he got off the chair and straddled me. The dark gleam of his eyes in the sunlight looked like thirst, as he watched my eyes slide him.

I forgot what breathing felt like.

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ears and carefully placed his palm on my cheek, like I was made of porcelain. Like if he put too much pressure, I would crack and turn to dust. "If it means forever? Maybe..."

Warning: Dark and Twisted Fiction. Contains murder and violence scenes that may be triggering to some readers.


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I gasp. The sword plunges into my heart, the agony sets in, and I scream, collapsing to my knees. Tears slide down my face, as my cries are silenced by the shortness of my breath. The world spins, my vision fades, and I feel the cold embrace of the darkness.

I blink.

The wound is gone. The sword has vanished,……