The Emerald Queen

Toni Elliot Fantasy

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Nora has lived her life as a Maid. As an orphan she knows little of her parents or who she really is. She dreams of Escaping her life in the Kylemore Girls' school. She is treated badly, beaten and belittled but she never gives up hope.

Patrick is the Alpha of the Emerald Moon Clan. Bitter and Angry, he has been searching for his mate for 2 years. Will finding Nora change him? Will she be able to find out who she really is and get the life she has always wanted?

Follow Nora on a journey of pain, revelations, love and war. She will face many challenges on the path to her happiness but will she overcome them? Join us on a story that will have you hooked!


Tags: revengefatedshifterkickass heroinewitch/wizardlunaqueenWriting Challengepackmagical world
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