After Escaping From Wedding Night

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Hi, my dear readers, my new book: After Escaping From Wedding Night is coming, here is the blurb.
Ps: This story is updated daily. Hope you enjoy reading it!


My husband hates me.

To save my brother's life, I stole the deadly secret from his family and escaped from my wedding night.

After this secret caused his family's bankrupt and his sister's death, I knew I was wrong.

I didn't mean to hurt my husband, but it was too late.

Unexpectedly, I found myself pregnant when I was abroad. Three years later, I bring my baby back home.

However, I met him again in the hotel I worked in. He had saved his family business successfully and had a beautiful fiancee now.

He began to torment me, but I knew I deserve it.

I owe him so much that I had no right to say no...

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