Sold to the Montague

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The powerful family Montague has long been hoping for a daugther which they didn't achieve but has been blessed with two son's named Fabio and Matias Montague.
Zalazar the father of both boys desperate to have a daughter had made a deal to take a newly born baby girl from a woman who's husband is imprisoned in exchange for her husbands freedom.

How will this adoption change the future of the Montague family?


Tags: ActionBillionaireMurderGangPossessiveSuicideGentleAloofDramaBxG
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"Tulog na baby, tulog na baby lalalala lalaaaa." Pinag hehele ko pa si baby Elijah. Hindi pa kasi ito natutulog samantalang ang baby Ezerhim na ma'y kanina pa nahihimbing.

Bumukas ang pinto at napaangat ako ng tingin. Iniluwa nito si Matias na mukhang kakagising lamang.

"Oh gising kapa. Matulog kana ako ng bahala kay baby ……