The King's Queen

Bella-Anne Paranormal

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Tristen Clark, the prince of all werewolves, has yet to find his mate in the last four years, nor has he had the authority to leave his homeland. Soon he will become King at a glaring cost.

Eustacia Van has been treated like a slave in her own pack, Rushing River. Her once-proud alpha blood is now f****d to shy and obey those around her. Through countless beatings she has hope that her mate will find her.

Dark secrets sleep within the Rushing River Pack. Once revealed, they will send everyone involved in a whirling thunderstorm.

*Slow starting, and isn't the average happy-go-lucky werewolf story.
*Vulgar Language.
*a***e and possible triggers.
*Gore and violence.
*s****l references. - Not an e*****a.
“You aim to tell me that you are the reason she is in the position right now?” Tristen points at Emma, howling in rage, “you marked that over your actual mate? What type of fucking werewolf are you?”

“You don’t understand, I-” Flynn beg, but is cut off yet again by Tristen.

“I don’t give a damn about anything you have to say! You are the lowest piece of trash I have ever seen in my life, how could you do this to her?” Sitting back down and holding her close Tristen continues, “I’m taking her with me because she has a second chance and I’m going to give her just that. At least one of us will appreciate the fucking ground she walks on.”

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