Possessive about Rosa

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Rosaline Williams works all day long but she can't afford her bills with that kind of cash, she's unhappy yet she doesn't take help from her friend Eli. She doesn't want anyone to think of her as a charity case. She has friends but they're all busy in their own drama except Eli. One day she eavesdrops on her employer and finds out a big secret, and days later she loses her job at the coffee house.

Eli wants to help her for real, she has been approaching her for a very long time, but when she gets to know about her unemployment she and her husband offer Rose a deal, will she accept it?

Zachary black, well he's him. Media is where he is, ladies are attracted to him but bummer is that he already has found his lady, or has he? Zach doesn't talk much, especially to Rose. He's all about business, his friend Colt hates Zach's girlfriend, she's a nitvh he says. Zach is mysterious and quiet, disastrous combination. What is his deal?

What happens when Zach and his lady along with Rose are forced to go on an island because of some media drama? Would Zach change his behaviour and give his soft corner to Rose or will something blow up?


Tags: murderlove-trianglepossessivemanipulativepowerfuldramabxgfirst lovefriendshipYA Fiction Writing Contest
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