His Queen


Jazmyne Jones Romance

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Cleo Bryson has no one in her corner. Her mother is dead, and following behind her shortly, her dad as well. Leaving Cleo in the hands of her wicked step-mother. Peyton Turner was a lot of things, but a motherly figure she was not.

Cruel and mean to Cleo, in nearly a decade of raising her, Peyton unleashed hell on her life. Just as Cleo thinks she's going to be able to get out, a mysterious figure shows up to inform her of hard truths.

For starters? Peyton was even worse as she seemed. With numerous holes in her wallet, purse, and bank account Peyton had a gambling problem crashing down. And as she used the rest of her money for a high, Cleo meets the man she owes money to.

Tyrone Royal found Cleo encapturing from their first meeting. But seeing how she's been treated by her step-mother and step-sister infuriates him. Wanting to protect her, he tells her the truth.

That he was sent by his grandfather and hers, and they are wanting an arranged marriage between them. Tyrone and Cleo both felt a connection, but Cleo wasn't marrying anyone based on just money.

Tyrone's going to have to prove to her, she's the man she needs in her life. And Tyrone Royal? Never backs down from a challenge.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of drug use, s****l assault, vulgar language, s****l scenes


Tags: billionaireindependentdramatragedybxglightheartedcityabusecheatingaddicted to loveStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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5 years later... 

Cleo had married Tyrone her sophomore year and his second year at the company. After slowly and surely taking over for his dad, Tyrone had to make big decisions. One being, marry Cleo and have a honeymoon. Or wait ten years to marry her.  

And while he’d been all prepared to wait even longer to wait t……


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