The Hidden City


Eugenia Champlain Paranormal

2688 reads

Werewolves came out to the humans. Unfortunately, certain events happen that put the wolves into a bad light with the human government. With violence happening in the streets, the wolves took to an Island off of Alaska, to hide from humans. Then the book takes place 400 year later where one white Royal wolf has been born. At the age of 18, she is REJECTED on her birthday. She is snuck off of the Island and into the human world. She meets her second chance mate, but he is unfaithful, and she REJECTS him. She goes on to find her place, as the Queen of all the werewolves. During her initial introduction she has invited the unfaithful Alpha to show how far she has come, only to learn that the goddess has made her his fated mate once again. She finds out that things have change drastically in the Hidden City. She starts rescues of wolves leaving the city. The stories just get worse. She then goes in to take it over, and end the secretive City. All without the humans knowing that the wolves are back among them.


Tags: fatedsecond chanceshiftermatedramaroyalbetrayalcoming of agerejectedself discover
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Two years later.

Ramous! Hurry! We have to go. The baby is on its way!

Anna, I am sure that they have told the young prince that he is not to arrive till you do! Everything will be fine! I am ready port us to the medical.

It is so crowded in there I had to land out here, now we have to get through the peopl……


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