✔ The Last Fire Will Rise (Cry Little Sister Sequel) ✔

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Its been four years since Megan gave birth to Rory, and Adam has spent most of that time ''Away''. Struggling with her own emotions and the effects growing up without a present father is having on Rory, Megan finds comfort with her new friend, Eddie.

Eddie daughter just so happens to be Rory and Anna-lin's best friend, So, it's not like the pair could avoid each other, even if they wanted to.

As the pair grow closer, Megan is in for a surprise when Adam returns home unannounced, Its clear things are different between the married couple and one night, after a big argument, Megan does something she will forever deeply regreat...with consequences NO ONE ever thought would happen…


Tags: One-night StandLove after MarriageFriends to LoversPregnantMillionaireSweet
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~~ 15 Years Later ~~

Megan's point of view 

'Rory, if you want a lift your gonna have to get your ass in gear!' I shouted up the stairs for what seemed like the millionth time. I needed to get Robbie and Richard to collage, Maddie and Katie to nursery and……