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“I’ll make a deal with you, Chase.” Her words rang out in the quiet kitchen and I looked over at her with a raised brow without saying a word. “ I’ll go to the Summit. I’ll put on my acting shoes this week. But,” Her eyes were staring into me now with all the intensity they had left. “if he’s not there, I announce you as Alpha at the Summit, before the elders and other Alphas. It’ll be official, and I’ll find a house with the rest of our pack. “Her eyes were searching mine for approval, which she was not going to find. I did not approve of this plan at all.

“ And if he is there, you let him help.” I said, taking a sip of coffee, watching her closely. This is the most we’d talked in six months.

“Deal.” And with that, she was walking back up to her room. I watched her leave and sighed softly. The Goddess was cruel on so many levels. With neither of us having our mates, sometimes the urges and frustrations got a little too intense. She was my Alpha, but above that my best friend. We had been friends since kindergarten, and it was rough to see her like this. I always thought that she would be my mate, but when I turned 18 and realized she wasn’t, I was crushed. I’m pretty sure I remember avoiding her for weeks because I got my hopes up.


Will Bailey find her mate at the Summit? Can he fix this broken alpha? Or will she hand the title over to her Beta because she feels unfit to carry the title?


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Whatever It Takes


Bane P.O.V

I did not want to have this talk with my father. Bailey offered to come with me, but I couldn’t let her be around a man that would take her from me without a single thought. How could he even think that messing with a mate bond was okay? The Goddess would have his ……


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