Running away

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Milliana Tilly watched her parents be murdered, only at the age of five no less. Shipped off to her aunt's house was the result. She was raised there until she was forced into marriage with someone she didn't even know the name of by her unkindly gold digger of an aunt. So she did the only thing that came to mind, she ran. Just like she had done as a child, but she knew this time it was stay gone or die. She hid her gender and worked odd jobs until she caught the eye of the new richest man in England. Working for him was the only job she enjoyed, besides his pompous attitude. She didn't mind his coldness, it was better than his at least and it helped for her to conceal her gender better, from the other workers at least.

Nick Cranston. A mysterious fellow that appeared in Guildford. A town close to London and just off the port Horsham. Unknown before that day, he quickly was known as the richest and most eligible bachelor. Mothers rushed to invite him to extravagant parties, in which they flaunted their daughters, but he accepted none. This did not stop the tyranny of women who became flustered from just a glance in their direction. He paid attention to none really, until a feminine-looking male caught his eye and, soon with proving himself, he hired him to be his social handler.

Hidden identities and dark pasts. Unforgettable secrets and pleas of the night. Sudden attraction and visible hate. These two go on a journey of fighting, with each other, revealing secrets and maybe, just maybe, a little line between love and hate breaking, clashing their worlds together.


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