The Prophecy


Eva Rawr Paranormal

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When packs across the world are attacked simultaneously by a cooperative of supernatural beings, the powerful Lycans are dragged into the fray with an ancient prophecy. Thrown together by fate, the cold and aloof king of the Lycans must best old enemies with the help of his fiery warrior mate.


She panted softly and looked up at him with dark expectant eyes. Alexander smirked and stripped his suit jacket off, rolled up his sleeves, and loosened the buttons of his shirt. She raised herself up onto her elbows in shock when he lowered himself onto his knees and began trailing open-mouthed kisses up on her thigh from her knees. Her breath hitched when he approached the apex, but she growled lowly when he skipped it and continued trailing kisses down the other side, back towards her knee.

“Alexander we can’t – “

He nipped her thigh at her protest “Hush, let me, please.” He looked up at her, almost pleading. Her eyes widened and she nodded nervously.

Grinning, he slid his hands up into her skirt and pulled her panties down, letting them drop on the ground. He continued kissing up and down her thighs, listening intently as her pants turned ragged. Satisfied that she was sufficiently wound up, he ran a tongue up...


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|| Chapter Twenty Three ||

It was long past midnight, and the crew were still gathered around the conference room table. They had spent the better part of the evening staring at map choosing, to the disgust of the pack nonnas, to skip dinner in favour of copious amounts of strong coffee and quick sandwiches.  


Said map was pinned to a whiteboard at……