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                   Tamara “Tammy” Lakewood, wasn't born with a silver spoon and she definitely wasn't born with a bronze one either, everything in her life had been worked for tooth and nail. Growing up in the ‘hood’, with struggling parents that made sure she and her siblings all had a roof on their head, things started to look good, when her mom got a job as a maid for a rich ‘white’ folks, that was good until Tammy met the prince of the castle “Joseph Vanderbilt”, Royal, British, older, brooding and incredibly sexy, what started as a simple friendship soon turned into a world shattering affair that left her and her family scared for life. Follow Tammy's story as she trys to rebuild herself and proves she's “Not CINDERELLA”.


        Disclaimer: Everything here is fictional, strictly made up in my head and from my imagination and relation to either leaving or dead is strictly coincidental.

      All Rights Reserved.

       Copyright © James Esther 2020


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